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" Emplyoees are the most valuable assets for any comapny." -   Aditya Singh ( Managing Director Aaditya International Hr.)
Aaditya International will help you to grow and improve business through a continous support of highly qualified and efficient manpower resources from various countries
save the time
growing business
responsive design for recruitment
24 / 7 support
Aaditya International provide the right candidate in the right place at right time to our clients. We at the make our clients more efficient in the areas of human capital administration and management, by providing quality manpower. We do not just provide ....
Immigration assistance
If you are planning to move to India as an emigrant there are various areas that you will need to understand to help with the emigration process. Visas are needed to enter the country for purposes of study or work.....
Based on the understanding of the importance of the importance of customer satisfaction in terms of timely services and our mission is to provide high quality, hassle free, personalized service to our valued customers’ at the most competitive price in committed timeframe ..
hotel & industrial catering
  • A long term relation
    Our moto is to believe on long term relation to grow and stable for both, as you need, we are there, From the Business to the Relations.....

As a company we believe that the employees are the most valuable asset of any company.

After realizing that I have decided to provide our associate with the best human resources in the market. It requires great efforts.... Aditya Singh Read All...

Our Mission is to Provide Qualified and well trained Employee and Worker to Fulfill the Requirement of our Customers.

Aaditya International understands the dynamics attached to manpower acquisition, relationship management and the required standards of services within the Middle Easterm Market, Working in partnership with our clients, Aaditya International Read All...

we will be pleased to...
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